Public/Walk-in Protocol

Once you have your scrap materials loaded up and ready to bring in, the hard part is done! Upon entering our facility through the main gates, you will first decide where you need to go.

All Steel (Ferrous) Related Materials

Aluminum, Copper, & Stainless (Non-Ferrous) Related Materials


Step One

Proceed to the large garage door at the main building.

Step Two

The friendly staff will then help unload and weigh your materials.

Step Three

Take your material ticket to the cashier to be paid out.

Step Four

OR if it is too large of pieces or quantity to weigh inside, they may direct you to go across the full-size scales (following steps 1-6 in previous section).

**Please note that at the Cashier, you may be asked for a valid Driver’s License or State ID. It will not be used for income/tax/solicitation purposes. This is a State Law to sell scrap materials, refusal to provide proper identification may prohibit payment of materials.